Friday Coffee chat among NEW ABC, KIDS4ALLL and Refuge-ED projects

November 1, 2021 By 0 Comments

On 29 October 2021, NEW ABC participated in a live event, a Friday Coffee chat among three H2020 projects working on education, integration and inclusion of minors with a migrant background: NEW ABC, KIDS4ALLL and Refuge-ED. Rachele Antonini, the project coordinator of NEW ABC, met other projects coordinators, Teresa Sorde Marti (Refuge-ED) and Roberta Ricucci (KIDS4ALLL).

The live chat was very interesting and friendly. Following there are some ideas that were highlighted during the conversation:

✅ In schools, people know and have the solution to change their lives, but they need to share it and make it visible.

✅ With co-creation we have to be flexible, be able to stop and listen.

✅ Failure is the beginning of change.

People are thirsty for actions that work, which have been tested by scientists.