Approach – Pilots

NEW ABC will deliver nine real-life pilots (check them below) for the inclusion of immigrant children and youth in education that will be co-designed by the partners and the stakeholders as examples of good practices that will be tested in the nine countries involved in the project. A platform will be created to provide a virtual space to share, discuss and comment on the co-design as well as the assessment and evaluation of the pre-implementation and post-implementation process of the pilots.

The whole child approach will be taken into account, focusing not only on the academic needs of migrant students but also on their social and emotional needs. This entails taking a holistic view of education and the children’s academic development, but also acknowledging the need to create formal, informal and non-formal learning environments that focus on other competencies and necessities of children, their families, the community and all the stakeholders involved in the educational setting.

NEW ABC will ensure the development of horizontal and vertical synergies among stakeholders and groups that do not normally interact and will allow all the involved stakeholders, particularly the children, to have their voice heard. Empowerment and development of agency of vulnerable groups aim to make all stakeholders the real actors of change and does not simply recommend top-down policies in the hope that they will eventually become common practice.

Through the Participatory Action Research model, stakeholders and the community/society at large will be empowered and will continue to make their voices heard, taking responsibility for future actions and making visible both their needs and the solutions created jointly to policymakers and decision-makers.

Overview of the NEW ABC pilots