Work packages

The work plan of NEW ABC consists of eight work packages strongly linked together.

WP1 will provide the basis for the implementation of the new ABC model engaging our stakeholder pilot partners in the fundamental principles of participatory action research approaches and co-creation methods, taking into account ethical and social justice issues related to working with vulnerable groups.

Public deliverables within this work package

D 1.2 Report on ethical, legislative, political and social context of the partners’ countries

The purpose of the evidence appraisal is to map out existing platforms, and existing good practices in partners´ countries. Data collection of the contexts of the call will provide a proper understanding of the state-of-the-art of co-creation in education before the actual development actions of the project.

Public deliverables within this work package

D2.2 Partner list for Global NEW ABC network

WP3 will organize and set up moments of permanent discussion within the consortium and the pilot teams. Given the challenges of bringing together all the partners and stakeholders concerned, easy-to-use monitoring common tools will be made accessible to all of them in order to ensure that the voice of all participants is heard and listened to throughout all stages of the project and beyond its completion.

WP4 will build on work undertaken in WP 2 and 3 to evaluate co-create and implement the pilot actions in ways relevant to the partner contexts. The implementation of nine real-life pilots aims to engage stakeholders, especially those groups whose voice is seldom heard or heeded. WP4 acts as the first phase of the NEW ABC co-creation cycle.

The second pilot process will take place in WP5. This Work Package will inform the process of scaling up and assess outcomes and impacts through the dissemination and implementation so that the pilot projects can be implemented on a broader scale by other communities and organizations in other settings.

WP6 develops and analyses the impact and sustainability measures of the NEW ABC project and engages stakeholders at key points in the project cycle. Based on the learning outcomes of WP4 and 5 it will enable the assimilation and exchange of knowledge.

WP7 covers the dissemination and communication activities of the project to ensure that the project’s outputs and results are made available to the relevant stakeholders through appropriate channels, with key strands of work including the development and maintenance of the project website, the development and maintenance of the searchable platform, the support of the co-design process of the pilots, the provision of information on the implementation and the evaluation of the pilots to contribute to changing the paradigm of inclusion in education and to making the voice of the stakeholders heard.

Public deliverables within this work package

D7.1 Exploitation and dissemination plan

Coordination and Management activities will be directed by the Coordinator, UNIBO, carried out with the assistance of the Project Management Team. WP8 will oversee project management arrangements.

The objective of WP9 is to set out the ethics requirements that the project must comply with.