Working on the integration of migrant and non-migrant children in Portugal

June 1, 2022 By 0 Comments

The NEW ABC Portuguese partners are performing different activities regarding the pilot action they are co-creating together with children in Portugal: Mentorship for a better integration. Their brief report of the mentioned activities is following: ” We started our pilot action by collecting information on the needs and challenges regarding the integration of both migrant and non-migrant children. Currently, we are preparing the training materials and sessions for children who are mentors. Recently we have participated in and co-developed the Intercultural Week organised in the School of Bobadela. During this week, migrant and non-migrant children participated in several activities, co-created and co-developed, dedicated to promoting a pro-diversity and multicultural environment in the school. Some activities were participating in traditional games from several different countries, displaying and experiencing music, dressing and food from different cultures, and teaching of basic words in the languages of the migrant children. The following pictures show some of these activities”.