The roadmap to co-creation

The interactive graphic below represents how the co-creation process in the NEW ABC project has been developed, emphasising those aspects that may be of interest to anyone who intends to initiate a co-creation process in the socio-educational field. Hover over the icons in each step of the roadmap to learn more about them!

In conjunction with the PAR approach, co-creation has been one of the fundamental pillars of the NEW ABC Project. Co-creation is a collaborative process in which all the activities carried out are planned and implemented together with the different stakeholders: teachers and students, headmasters and researchers, etc. to support learning, dialogue, and self-expression.

Co-creation is an innovative methodology that positions stakeholders at the heart of the project design, implementation, and evaluation. Co-creation supports dialogue and collaboration, which encourages democratic partnerships between researchers and community stakeholders, to collectively design an activity-based intervention that is specific and responsive to the needs of the community and the context it involves.

Co-creation is a key element of developing a participatory approach to amplify children and young people’s diverse voices. Recognising their ‘expertise by experience’, it prioritises their wellbeing and engagement, while supporting their skills development and meaningful participation in activities that impact their everyday lives.