Networking the Educational World: Across Boundaries for Community-building


Narratives from the past fifty years suggest Europe has become a “continent of integration” (Scholten et al. 2015: 1), but recent socio-political upheavals at the national level suggest that there are significant challenges and conflicts surrounding the integration of immigrants. Children with a refugee or immigrant background are particularly susceptible to such conflicts because their less powerful status opens them up to significant inequalities, discrimination and integrational barriers. Formal, informal and non-formal learning settings play a big role in either enhancing or mitigating against integration challenges and power inequalities. However, top-down policies and the poor incorporation of children and young people’s voices and capacities for agency have meant that immigrant children and young people have been largely absent at worst or included in tokenistic ways, at best.

The NEW ABC project will carry out innovation activities aimed at enhancing the integration of immigrant children and young people in education through collaborative partnerships that foreground young person-led innovation activities. The project focuses on three main questions related to finding effective solutions to the integration of refugee and migrant children into host societies through education:

  1. What is the most effective way to make the voice of local stakeholders in education heard, particularly children and people with a migrant background?
  2. How can effective synergies amongst local target groups and stakeholders and policymakers be built?
  3. How can successful bottom-up practices be upscaled and inform policy-making in education?


Università di Bologna, Italy

List of participants

  • Università Di Bologna (Coordinator), Italy
  • Open University, UK
  • Università di Torino, Italy
  • University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Synthesis, Cyprus
  • Interkulturalni PL Association, Poland
  • Instituto Comprensivo 1, Forlì, Italy
  • Combo, France
  • Universidade do Porto, Portugal
  • Oxford Brookes University, UK
  • Active Citizen Europe, Belgium
  • Elhuyar, Spain
  • Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain
  • União de Refugiados em Portugal, Portugal