Technical meeting of the NEW ABC consortium

May 18, 2021 By 0 Comments

A two-day technical meeting is being held among NEW ABC consortium members, where each partner has informed others of the progress made so far in each working group. A very productive discussion has taken place, as many aspects of the methodological approach of the project have been afforded, such as the participatory action research, the co-creation, some ethical issues… an advancement of the amazing as well as challenging work we will face during next years!

We are welcoming also to the New ABC external ethic board composed by Dr. Paola Cardinali (form University of Genova) and Dr. Vito Michele Pavesi (from Italian Institute of Privacy) that will be present to the meeting. They have many experience and skills in several fields as Migrations and Intercultural Processes; family and Intergroup relationship and of course in privacy and data protection. They will help the consortium during the implementation of all activities of the project.