Interkulturalni presents a sketchbook for creativity encouragement

November 16, 2022 By 0 Comments

The NEW ABC partner Interkulturalni has presented a sketchbook for students participating in the pilot action Together we learn our worlds. The workbook is entitled “Mapping words and cultures. Sketchbook for walking. Language and culture guide”, and has been created by Urszula Majcher Legawiec. They describe the sketchbook as “our most important tool in the ‘Together We Lear Our Worlds’ program.

The sketchbook is intended to inspire teachers to action. It contains 43 worksheets prepared for multilingual and multicultural groups or classes. Each card is a starting point for integration activities that can last several hours or several days. Each sheet is to inspire cooperation and co-creation. Every student can join the process by contributing their ideas. The sketchbook is the property of the students, it is their language and cultural portfolio. It perfectly documents the process of immersion in language and culture, and also the process of building relationships. It has a chance to be not only a good methodological tool, documenting certain stages of education and integration but also a great souvenir for every participant in the process.

The pdf of the sketchbook can be downloaded (in Polish) here