Educational walks on Cracovian tradition and history 

November 3, 2022 By 0 Comments

As part of the NEW ABC project, teachers and intercultural assistants work with children with migration experience and with Polish children, introducing them to the cultural heritage of our country and region. A few days ago, Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian pupils from Primary School 39 took a walk around Dąbie – the immediate neighbourhood of their school – learning about the tradition of All Souls’ Day and lighting candles at the Monument to the Victims of Dąbie. Afterwards, the participants of the walk created art works about it. We encourage you to admire their work!

On 1 November 2022, the NEW ABC partner Interkulturalni organised an educational walk as a part of the project’s activities, on the occasion of the holiday. A multicultural group made up of intercultural assistants, among others, was able to learn the history of Cracow by walking around Podgórski Market, Beer Street and Getta Heroes Square. They also visited the Old Cemetery of Podgórka and the New Podgórski Cemetery. The invaluable Urszula Majcher Legawiec introduced them to the history of these places.

Besides, an international and intercultural group of thirteen people, supervised by Urszula Majcher Legawiec, received a museum lesson at the Archaeological Museum in Krakow. They explored the prehistory and early Middle Ages of the Lesser Poland region, and they worked with cards from an educational walker for children.

More groups of pupils are joining the NEW ABC project. Children from Primary School No. 34 familiarised themselves with the proposed City Walk – ‘In the Footsteps of Words and Cultures’ and filled its first pages with their artwork.