Joint webinar among NEW ABC and its sister projects about co-creation. Podcast available

April 24, 2023 By 0 Comments

The NEW ABC project’s sister project REFUGE-ED has recently made public the podcast episode resulting from the webinar the three projects funded under the same Horizon 2020 call, NEW ABC, KIDS4ALLL and REFUGE-ED, carried out in January. The discussion topic for this webinar was co-creation, the common denominator in the three projects.

“Co-creation is not an easy method, especially for researchers and academics. It means taking a step back and allowing other participants to be co-researchers, co-designers, co-implementors of all the activities” – highlighted Rachele Antonini, the NEW ABC Project coordinator. The design, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of the pilot activities are being co-designed with participants in NEW ABC, and it is crucial to create rituals, find facilitators, and work with simplified communications to keep participants engaged. 

Co-creation has several benefits, including the involvement of stakeholders in research and developing solutions that are more relevant to their needs. Co-creation also promotes innovation and a sense of ownership and responsibility among stakeholders, which can lead to more sustainable and effective solutions. However, co-creation also has challenges, including the need for clear communication and the management of power dynamics between stakeholders. Co-creation requires a significant amount of time and resources, and it can be challenging to balance the needs and perspectives of different stakeholders.

REFUGE-ED has made the podcast resulting from this webinar available online, as part of a podcast series.