The ideal school, through the eyes of the children

September 4, 2023 By 0 Comments

Discussing with their teacher Mrs. Andri Laouri, 18 children in the 5th grade of Prodromos Primary School (KB) participating in the pilot My ideal school; The school I would like decided that the best idea to find their ideal school would be to get to know schools from all around the world. So, as part of their lessons, they “travelled” through photos and videos to schools all over the world. This inevitably led to comparisons, and subsequently, the children expressed thoughts and ideas about what they would like their ideal school to be like.

The children reported extensively on the feelings that were evoked by the material they saw from the other schools and then recorded their own thoughts on how they dreamed of their ideal school. In order to record all these thoughts, the children and their teacher created an e-book, which will be accessible to anyone who is interested, once the handbook with the actions that took place in Cyprus is completed with the support of SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education. When the documentation was finished, the children drew their portraits which they photographed and uploaded in the e-book.