Stories for self-improvement

September 4, 2023 By 0 Comments

Within the framework of the pilot My ideal school; The school I would like, the activity entitled “Stories for self-improvement” was a benchmark for teachers and students of the 4th grade of Prodromos Primary School (KB). The activity was triggered by teachers’ observations that the children in their class needed to develop a positive attitude and respect for themselves. They noticed that often children have negative thoughts which prevents them from overcoming their difficulties and enjoying happy moments at school. Taking inspiration from the book club that teachers and children conducted in Forli, Italy, 42 students and 7 teachers chose to read together three books about self-improvement.

The books selected were “Stardust” written by Jeanne Willis; “Yeti – the power of (saying) yet” written by Marina Yiotis; and “Mr. Happy and Miss Grimm” written by Antonie Schneider. For each book, a series of fun activities for the children were organised, such as drama and visual expression. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities as they engaged in active readings together with many teachers and many children, developing their skills in active listening, cooperation, and respect for diversity. The children were enthusiastic about the workshops which included movement, dance, music, and painting and through all of these they developed their confidence and self-esteem. Simultaneously, through this activity the teachers learned how beautiful it is to work with fellow colleagues and co-teach, but also the immense need and necessity of giving children space and time to express their feelings. After all, as they concluded, “this activity allowed the children to feel important!”