Making connections among methods in migration research

April 8, 2024 By 0 Comments

On 14-15 March 2024, the NEW ABC partner Gerardo Mazzaferro from the University of Turin organised a workshop entitled “Making Connections: Participatory, Collaborative, Narrative and Arts-based Methods in Migration Research”. It brought together university-based researchers, research participants, activists, journalists, photographers and filmmakers, including several NEW ABC partners and the coordinator of the sister project KIDS4ALLL, to exchange experiences and learn about each other’s projects. This workshop was aimed at providing new insights into how collaborative, participatory, narrative and arts-based methodologies offer the possibility of establishing an ethical and relational framework based on trust, respect and recognition in order to critically and reflexively (re)negotiate power relations, social positions, discourses, subjectivities and identities within (and beyond) the research scene.

Regarding NEW ABC partners’ participation, apart from the opening and closing sessions by Gerardo Mazzaferro, and the projection of the documentary produced by him in the project, the project coordinator Rachele Antonini presented the lessons learned in co-creation and participatory action research during the project; Charlotte Menin (COMBO) talked about their experience with unaccompanied young people and the video clips they produced, and Katarzyna Kärkkäinen and Sari Poyhonen (JYU) shared their experiences from collaborative arts-based pilot action study in forced migration context in two different talks.