Featuring the work done by the NEW ABC UK team

June 24, 2024 By 0 Comments

On 21 June 2024, partners of the UK team Guida de Abreu (Oxford Brookes University), Sarah Crafter and Nelli Stavropoulou (The Open University) presented the outputs of the work they have carried out in the NEW ABC project at the Oxford Brookes University’s Migration and Refugees Research Network (MRN) MRN Funding & Stakeholder Engagement Symposium.

The NEW ABC UK team shared reflections and important lessons from their participatory arts-based work with children and young people from a migrant and refugee background in education, as part of the NEW ABC project.

The NEW ABC team’s stand brought together three NEW ABC pilot actions: the ‘Empowering Young translators’, ‘The Adventures of the Little Prince in the World’, and the photo exhibition prepared in the framework of the pilot ‘The Empowerment of unaccompanied migrant minors through multi-modal co-creation in situations of errant mobility’. The exhibition hosts a range of artistic forms to support the creative expression of migratory experiences through drawing, digital art, photography and filmmaking.

The MRN research network at Oxford Brookes University brings together an interdisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines including social anthropology, refugee studies, political science, sociology, computer science, literature and psychology, among others. The network is committed to working collaboratively with local community groups and other Universities to address and support change towards important social issues.