COMBO is a non-profit organization that works on projects at the intersection of art and social work. Based in Marseille, COMBO promotes participatory practices of artistic expression aimed at supporting reflection, expression and resilience of vulnerable publics. The objective thereby is to enhance self-awareness, knowledge on social, political and environmental issues, and to promote well-being as well as to break isolation. Within the New ABC project, COMBO is working on developing multi-modal artistic workshops for unaccompanied minors in situations of errant mobility. COMBO pays particular attention to gender equality and diversity issues within the association. We also focus on issues of mobility and the use of social networks as a strategy for resilience and self-affirmation. The skills in the social, artistic and pedagogical fields of its members and their language and intercultural resources also allow COMBO to regularly carry out formal and informal consulting activities with associations and collectives that support the rights of unaccompanied minors in a situation of errant mobility in Spain and France (in the fields of drug prevention, youth mobility, cultural mediation).

Role in NEW ABC: