Pilot: Empowerment of unaccompanied migrant minors through multimodal co-creation in situations of errant mobility

It is important to implement this pilot because…

unaccompanied minors in situations of errant mobility are a particularly vulnerable population among young migrants. With significant trans-European mobility and often with serious health problems, they often fall through the cracks of child protection systems and find themselves caught up in networks of delinquency, which explains the low level of knowledge about this group, not to mention the negative media exposure and the lack of policies to protect them and guarantee their rights.

The aim of this pilot action is…
to promote the empowerment of unaccompanied minors in errant mobility through multi-modal workshops including music, video, photography and harm reduction. These activities are intended to foster the expression and empowerment of the participants and will also help identify and reflect on the needs of this target group in the area of informal and non-formal education.

First testing of the pilot in

Spain, France

Second testing of the pilot in


A group of stakeholders has been gathered to assess the situation of the target group and the approach to be adopted in terms of health. Within this framework, the groundwork was laid for creating harm reduction resources that will be co-created during the activities.

The pilot actions will take place in Melilla, Bilbao and Marseille, and will include a wider range of activities such as photography, video, rap alongside peer-to-peer harm reduction training.

This pilot will contribute to address some or all of the following objectives:

  • To foster unaccompanied minors in errance’s empowerment by enhancing their access to informal education and creating the capacity for their voice to be heard among all stakeholders.
  • To foster feelings of trust and value among the youth through self-expression in artistic practices.
  • To improve self and care means raising health awareness with a harm reduction approach.
  • To design and disseminate harm reduction resources suited to unaccompanied minors in errant mobility.

Photo gallery of the co-creation workshop with young migrants in transit in Melilla

Video clip resulted from the co-creation workshop with young migrants in transit in Melilla