Publication: The role of parents in children’s language education

January 9, 2023 By 0 Comments

The NEW ABC partner Silvia Sordella, from the University of Turin, has recently published a research article in the Italian Educazione Inerculturale journal, entitled “Towards an increasingly less foreign school. Links between migrant families and teachers to build an educational alliance“, in the framework of the pilot action Teacher training and family involvement in pluralistic approaches to language education they have co-created and tested in Italy.

The paper is focused on the role of parents in students learning pathways and presents some activities to promote the role of parents in children’s language education. They identify some productive areas of collaboration with foreign families, especially in enhancing plurilingualism.

Bibliographic reference:

Sordella S. Per una scuola sempre meno straniera. Punti di contatto tra famiglie migranti e insegnanti per la costruzione di un’alleanza educative. Educazione Interculturale – Teorie, Ricerche, Pratiche Vol.20, n.2, 2022 ISSN:2420-8175