Sharing the lessons learned and experiences undergone repiloting the NEW ABC Pilots

September 26, 2023 By 0 Comments

The NEW ABC consortium is celebrating its 3rd Technical Meeting in Krakow, Poland, hosted by the Interkulturalni partners. This two-day meeting is an exceptional opportunity to share lessons, experiences, challenges, achievements, etc.

The first day of the meeting is focused on the repiloting that partners have conducted for each pilot action previously created and implemented by other partners, following the initial plan of the project. All the pilot actions have been re-tested in another country and another context, thus requiring an adaptation of the activities previously done by partners who did the first implementation of the action in their respective countries and contexts. This second phase of the project is aimed at being especially useful for the dissemination part of the project, as partners have come up with several tips that might be useful for people interested in the replication of all or some of the activities collected in the pilots.

Among many other thoughts, partners stressed the challenge of stimulating teachers to carry out the activities in their schools but leaving them space for co-creation. They also highlighted that children and young people want, most of all, to be and do things children and young people do, whatever their status and situation. One of the main results partners underlined regarding their activities is that children felt they could make the change.