Pilot: International migrations & (im)mobilities

It is important to implement this pilot because…

focusing on the situations and experiences of forced migration can contribute to the understanding of how young immigrants with a refugee background and the local population, as well as institutions such as reception centers or organizations, construct daily inclusion and integration. This gives opportunities to understand the construction and change of the identity of young migrants with a refugee background, their experiences, and participation and agency in different communities.

The aim of this pilot action is…
to collectively create good practices to overcome the conditions and experiences related to forced migration by developing the personal autonomy of young adults and their opportunities to get work, education, legal help and health care or language training.

First testing of the pilot in


Second testing of the pilot in


In the pilot

  • Young adults with refugee backgrounds produce stories about their experiences by using various participatory and creative methods. During this process, researchers work with young adults of refugee backgrounds, representatives of various stakeholders and community volunteers. Young adults participating in the pilot gain also experience as co-researchers.
  • Already existing socio-communicative practices in young people’s living spaces or places where they spend their free time are mapped together with young adults and various stakeholders.
  • We will share information and disseminate experience from the results of the pilot.

This pilot aims to influence the reception system locally, nationally and Europe-wide as well as the actors involved in it, such as authorities, NGOs, political decision-makers and volunteers.

Conversations on the International migrations & (im)mobilities... pilot action

Presentation of the pilot International migrations & (im)mobilities...

Multimedia gallery

Photos of the pilot activities conducted in the repilot phase, in Finland

Ahmed's statement about his participation in NEW ABC

Photos about the main pilot activities regarding life and migratory trajectories of young adult migrants