Pilot: International migrations & (im)mobilities

It is important to implement this pilot because…

the focus on immobility can contribute to generating new ideas, practices and policy implications for the acquisition of knowledge and insights into how processes of inclusion and integration are daily (co)constructed by young adult migrants and local populations as well as institutions such as reception centres. This opens up new possibilities for young migrants’ identity repositioning, voice, visibility and human agency.

The aim of this pilot action is…
to (co)construct good practices to overcome conditions of lived and experienced (im)mobilization by developing personal autonomy or young migrants’ possibility to access employment, school, legal and health assistance or language integration.

First testing of the pilot in


Second testing of the pilot in


Multimodal migrant journey narratives will be co-constructed. Through this co-creation, the researchers working with the stakeholders of transitory youth, institutional stakeholders, and community volunteers train them as co-researchers.  Co-map existing everyday socio-communicative practices within lived spaces of the transitory youth. (So if the youth have moved away we could still involve them online, through SMS, DMs etc in the first task).  The third task involves the sharing and dissemination of the pilot activities and programme.

This pilot will have an impact on the reception system at both national and European levels and on all actors such as NGOs, operators, volunteers, policymakers involved in it.

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